Mixers Gabbioneta has been operating for over 30 years in the Italian and international market in the field of industrial mixers and agitators.

Mixers Gabbioneta is the result of a positive joint-venture among Sircop Sas, C.Cattaneo and Pompe Gabbioneta Spa, a leader in the italian and international industry, founded in Milan in 1897.

Since the beginnings, Mixers Gabbioneta shows a genuine vocation for technological innovation and research, aimed at developing products and technologies, possibly in the best way.



Mixers Gabbioneta workers are the most important thing. This is why our production takes place according to the highest international safety standards (API, ASME and ISO).


Mixers Gabbioneta always nourishes its main business through innovative products and technologies with a clever and structured strategic planning.


Mixers Gabbioneta is the main actor in today's market thanks to a business model which has several strength points: efficiency, innovation, expertise, precision and capacity of the customer relationship.